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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The College Entrepreneur's Guide to Time Management

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Almost every college student could use more money--for either school or pleasure--and with this desire, most would like to begin some sort of project to add a supplementary income. The problem is that not many of these aspiring college entrepreneurs seem to be able to add a "second job" into their schedule.

It is true--everyone is busy, but the extra time required for an income-generating project can almost always be made (note I said MADE, not FOUND!). It means the abandonment of some of your choice hobbies--maybe having a couple of beers with the guys or watching TV--but if you score big additional income with your new project you'll be in a much better position to enjoy a night out (and you'll be able to buy the first round!).

Efficient time management boils down to planning what you are going to do, doing it, and then evaluating how well you did. Start by making a list of three important things you want to do the next day each evening before going to bed. Next, jot down the smaller, "less important" things--plan your trips to the grocery store or when to clean your room. Finally, add in "personal time" to the list--time that you will spend doing absolutely nothing, reading a book, playing video games, dating, etc.

Whatever school tasks you have, set aside time to do them and a specific amount of time to devote to them. For instance, one or two hours a day devoted to studying will most likely help your grades considerably (honestly, how much do you study RIGHT NOW?). Keep up with this for a number of days, and you'll be amazed at your progress.

Take care of all messages (emails, phone calls, etc.) the same day you receive them. Do not let bills and letters pile up on you! If you are unable to pay a bill immediately, file it in a place that is visible and note on the envelope the date you intend to pay.

Once you start listing and planning what to do, and then follow through with your plans, you'll find a lot of "extra time" for handling virtually any type of entrepreneurship project. College students tend to not generally like routines or schedules, but without some sort of plan for what is supposed to be done, your world will be mired in mass confusion. The better you can organize yourself, the more productive and happier you will become.

The secret of financial success for most wealthy people is simply that they are organized and do not waste time (For example see the success story of  Deslauriers Twins Toronto). Think about it. Review your own list of where your time is being spent, and then see if you can not find a couple hours of "leftover" time every day for more constructive goals.

When you start planning your time, plan ON PAPER what you have to do. Many people will find that by writing down their goals, they are able to follow through with them more effectively. Writing down and following a schedule of tasks will also help to prevent procrastination and "down time." Remember, if you've planned out your "personal time" throughout your day, you won't need to procrastinate before or after certain activities.

Remember that everyone has the exact same amount of time each day--it's just a matter of how we spend it! Time management is a skill and a study in personal development, so start slowly and work up to a level of efficiency that will provide you with ample time for school, business, and relaxation.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Which Massage is Right for you?

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Various studies have long proven the effectiveness of massages. In addition to the soothing treatment, it can, among other things, relieve various symptoms, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and reduce hypertension. Endorphins such as serotonin are released and at the same time lower the stress hormone cortisol. The result is thus a feeling of relaxation. But which massage is the right one? The choice is excellent. There are many types of massages nowadays like sand at sea. From Hot Stone, Hot Chocolate, Ayurveda, Lomi Lomi to reflexology. With the many-sided offers on the market and different price ranges it can be difficult to keep an overview and to choose the right massage. To get a little light on the matter, we introduce you to different types of massage once.

Classic massage/sports massage

The traditional massage (Swedish massage) has been the most frequent massage application in the world for decades. The Dutch physician Johann Georg Mezger (1838-1909) played a significant role in the further development of the traditional massage. Through his work in Amsterdam, massage became the gateway to science and medicine. It is particularly suitable for tension and muscle hardening, stimulates the metabolism as well as the blood circulation. The classic massage has five handles, which are applied due to their different effects during a massage.
  • stroke
  • Knead
  • Rub
  • Beat
  • shocks

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurveda is a medicine of over 3,000 years from India or more specifically philosophy. "Ayus" means life, "veda" the knowledge. Ayurveda is the science of long life. It is about a healthy lifestyle and holistic health education, in which body, mind and soul are in harmony, taking into account all environmental factors. In Ayurveda, there are various massage techniques. In Europe, the most common are the Ayurveda whole body massage, also called Abhyanga. The skin is used here as a medium, which takes up the warm therapeutic oil, enriched with herbal extracts. It penetrates deeply into the tissue where it acts nourishing and balancing. Slags and toxins are thereby dissolved and can be discharged. The energy flow in the body is activated, and a deep relaxation is achieved.

Hot Stone

The hot stone is massaged with hot basalt stones, which are placed on selected body zones. The stones are heated to a temperature of about 60 ° C. in a water bath. The goals are the relaxation of the muscles by heat, the activation of the flow of energy and the circulation. Massage chairs don't offer a stone massage but they can give you a better heated massage, if you don't want hand massage then you can order your favorite massage chair now here. The hot stone massage can be given all over the body or as a partial treatment, for example as a back or leg massage.

Lomi Lomi

This massage is from traditional Hawaiian medicine. It has a therapeutic character in its origin but is widely used in the West as a wellness treatment. In the country language, lomi means "rubbing, kneading or pressing". The massage is exercised with a lot of oil and usually takes about two hours. The masseur not only works with the hands but also uses the entire forearm including the elbow. A Lomi massage is not only for relaxation but also for physical, mental and mental cleansing.

Foot reflexology

With foot reflex zone massages blockages and tension in the body can be solved. As a pioneer of the new reflexology massage, Dr William H.H. Fitzgerald introduced the Far Eastern massage tradition into Western society. According to the theory, the sole reflects the entire body. By stimulating the foot reflex zones, the stimulus is transferred to specific organs during the massage. The massage therapist exercises the massage with the thumb or the fingertips, expresses particular points until a beneficial effect is felt in the depths of the tissue.

Pregnancy massage

This type of massage is suitable for pregnant women from the 4th month, if, as agreed with the female doctor, the pregnancy is healthy. Pregnancy massage can relieve tension, reduce stress, relieve joints as well as muscles and also stimulate the circulation. In contrast to the traditional massages in the abdomen and back, this is exercised in a relaxed sitting position or the lateral position and supported by bearing cushions.
As you can see, the range of massages is enormous. Lomi Lomi, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Tantawan or Tuina are in the wrong place. We at MASSAGE have made it our task to conceive the optimal massage offer from all massages. The names of the treatments are therefore simple, transparent and understandable.
Not sure what Massage chair you choose? here's and excellent guide:
The type of massage always depends on your needs and what you expect. What are you pursuing? Would you like to have a relaxing effect or to relax after the sport? Body and mind rest? Quality is a major factor. If you are unsure, always have a competent massage certified by qualified massage therapists. Only in this way can your wishes be fulfilled and an optimal goal achieved. However, in the case of severe or permanent symptoms, first consult a physician first before you get into the hands of a masseur.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How To Add Live Customer Chat Support In Blogger

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Live Customer Chat Support

Are You Looking For Adding Live Customer Chat Support In Your Blog? Having a quality customer chat support in your blogger blog makes it easier for your readers to ask you any question or give any suggestion quickly in a while. Live Customer Chat Support is a brilliant tool to interact live with your users/readers where you can also know each other which makes the blogging relation more stronger and that's why live customer chat support is a very good tool to be added in your blogger blog.

So, today we are going to discuss about Adding Live Customer Chat Support In Blogger.

I have already described its features and advantages above and I am sure you have understood them well. So, just follow the below steps carefully and you will do it.

Step#1: Adding Live Customer Chat Support In Blogger!

Well, the very first step you have to do is go to MyLiveChatEnter your personal information there like name, email address and password. Make it sure that you agree to their Terms Of Service and than click Create Account Now. Once your account is created just log in to it so that you can create a chat widget for your blog (for help check the screen shot below).

Live Custom Chat Support

After finishing the registration process, you will be redirected automatically to a new page where you will see a page with a code that you will have to insert in your blogger blog. Just copy the code and proceed to the next step.

Live Custom Chat Support

Now, go to Blogger Dashboard >> Templates >> Edit HTML and search for </body>. Just above </body> paste the code that you copied in the previous step. Once done, click Save Template and after doing that MyLiveChat is successfully installed in your blog.

My Live Chat

Step#2: Creating A New Agent

After creating an account and installing MyLiveChat widget in your blogger blog successfully now, its time to create an agent ID that you will use to interact with your readers or visitors. So, go to MyLiveChat AgentsSince, you are a free member of MyLiveChat so you are allowed to have only one agent ID. Click on the pencil icon to edit the existing agent ID and customize it as you like.

MyLiveChat Agents

Step#3: Starting Live Chat With Your Customers/Readers

To start chatting live with your customers or users you need to install a desktop application or use an online web application.If you go for online Web Application you have to insert your MyLiveChat application ID which you can find by logging into your account. Moreover, you also have to enter your agent username and password to log in. Once you have entered every information correctly, click the Log In button to start interacting live with your customers and readers.

MyLiveChat Web

Your Turn!

That's It Pals! Adding a live customer chat support in your blogger blog is very useful. Your readers can contact you more easily and it develops a sense of strong relationship between the blog owner and his/her readers and visitors. I did my best to help you understand the whole procedure for adding a live customer chat support in blogger. Now its your turn to do the rest. Share this tutorial with your fellow bloggers so that everyone can take advantage of good things and Keep Sharing Because Sharing Is Caring!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How To Earn $100 A Week Using Youtube-CPA

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Well, today many people are anxious to find the easiest and best methods to make lots of money and usually most of them come to the conclusion to make money online because they think this is the easiest and best method.

For us, its the best method but not the easiest as many of you people are bloggers or affiliate marketers or earning through internet via any means you better know that making money online is not a joke at all.

It takes a lot of time, efficiency, efforts, honesty, dedication and hard work to earn something good via internet.

Well, if you are here than it means you really want to make money by easy and fast methods.

So, take a cup of tea, sit back and listen what I am going to show you today because its one of the best and easiest methods to make money online.

YouTube CPA

Well, you might know about YouTube. There are many methods and articles online saying "How To Make Money Via YouTube" and there are many methods to do it because internet is a whole world. But the method we will talk about today is known as Making Money Online Via YouTube CPA.

But first, let me explain you What YouTube CPA really is.

What Is YouTube CPA?

YouTube CPA is a fully marketing kit with a full loaded stuff of information including Creating, Publishing and Monetizing a YouTube video within minutes and start making huge money. contains all the stuff such as the guides and E-books for dominating your self and your videos on YouTube and making huge loads of money.

How To Make A YouTube Video Go Viral: Well, youtubecpa really teaches how to create shocking and great videos and how to make them go viral on YouTube including getting your video on the top pages in the Search Results.

YouTube CPS & CPA Marketing: Here you'll learn how to use YouTube CPA and CPS marketing techniques to dominate yourself and earn $100 a week or even more (If you work hard).

Well, you can buy a YouTube CPA guidance course from because its really worth to be bought (I also have). It just will cost you $9 and you can get it even cheaper for $5 if you insert my coupon code. This guy is really working hard to teach people to dominate themselves and also earn from YouTube videos. Also, its a 100% money back gaurantee if you are not satisifed or if you don't like the course.

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You can use this coupon code in the referrer ID Column to get for $5 and don't worry to invest it because as I have said earlier that its also a 100% money back gaurantee. So, I recommend you to must try this stuff and I am really not saying this because of affiliate commission service. If you don't beleive it, just buy it for your own but must give it a try. 

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Last Words!

Anyway, Blogging Reloaded YouTube channel is also coming soon to make it more practical and easier for you guys to understand and learn via video blogging ;). If you have any questions regarding this article, please ask via the comment box below.  Keep visiting Blogging Reloaded.